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Topola and Oplenac - Royal Heritage Tour


Karageorgevich dynasty heritage tour into the heart of Serbia 

By car/minibus/motor coach. Duration approx. 8 hours

Dreams that came true: legacy of Karageorge and king Peter I

This is one of the most popular tours to the south of Belgrade. In the heart of Serbia, pleasant region of Šumadija,Karadjordje02 we visit Topola, area where rebellion against the Ottoman rule started in 1804. For centuries, Serbs dreamed of Liberty. One brave man, Karageorge ('Black George') led them to fulfill this dream...

Drive to Mt. Avala for a brief visit to the Mausoleum of the Unknown Hero, well known work of Ivan Meštrović, famous Yugoslav sculptor. avala_tvtower_belgradeIt is built on the mountain top (511 m), and offers excellent views of the rolling hills of Šumadija. Photo stop by one of the landmarks of Belgrade - Avala TV tower, with 204 meters it is the tallest structure of all the Balkans.

Drive to Topola. Upon arrival visit to the Church of Our Lady from 1813, Karageorge's endowment, and his Residence, which is today a museum of the First Serbian Uprising and it's leader who established the Royal House of Karadjordjevic.

Short drive to the top of Oplenac hill (337m) where one very special and unique church is situated. Built after WWI by king Peter I Karadjordjevic, church of St. George was envisioned to be the Royal Family mausoleum for both his ancestors and descendants. Out of the 22 tombs of the Karadjordjević Dynasty, four of them belong to rulers: Supreme Leader Karadjordje (Karageorge), Prince Alexander, King Peter I, and King Aleksandar I. Church design follows best tradition of famous Serbian medieval architecture. Marble for it's columns came from Carrara in Italy. oplenac2But the absolute highlight are the must-see mosaics: 725 painted compositions (513 in the temple and 212 in the crypt), on which there are 1500 figures. The entire area of the mosaic is 3,500 square metres (!) (38,000 sq ft); with 40 million various coloured pieces of glass which have 15 thousand different varieties of colour, making the artistic impression most vivid and detailed.

Short drive to the wine-cellar of the Aleksandrovic family. They are keepers of the Royal wine-making tradition as some of their wines are made according to royal recipes. Wine tasting and demonstration. After the visit, an optional lunch can be arranged in the nearby town of Arandjelovac.

Return to Belgrade and your hotel. End of service.

Duration approx. 8 hours.

Private tour by car (up to three persons) is available.
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