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Belgrade: At the Crossroads of the Worlds

One Untold Story

srdjan_profile_bwb.jpg'I believe there are just a few places in the world that reach so far to distant past, and even less that had been subjected to greed and power of many rulers for thousands of years.

Strategic importance, magic and beautiful geographical position of this city have been an inspiration for centuries, often attracting those who wanted to posses it and who waged wars against it.

However, Belgrade remained, grew mature, and gathered wisdom. It met many cultures, and heard dozens of languages.

This crossroads of the worlds strongly attracted people from different quarters, to settle down for good, and they created city's unique cosmopolitan spirit that gladly embraced all those differences.

Today, charming and open soul of Belgrade constitutes Serbia’s gate to the world. Aware of its inner beauty, and uniqueness, Belgrade gladly offers hospitality to all who come for visit.'

Srdjan Ristić, Founder of Explore Belgrade!, 2009.